Rosita was six months pregnant when she moved to a rural home in Aberdeenshire with her husband Mark following political unrest in Rosita’s native country of Venezuela. The couple had decided it would not be a safe environment to bring up a baby. Mark continues to work abroad and when their daughter was born Rosita experienced severe post-natal depression to the day when she contacted Home-Start Deveron having contemplated suicide.

Rosita says I was excited to move here but wasn’t prepared for how lonely I would feel especially after my baby was born. Mark was working away, I missed my family so much and the weather was freezing! I spent hours just crying all the time, I was scared to tell the Health Visitor as I thought they would take my baby away from me, I remember phoning and telling Home-Start that I wanted to just sleep.”

With the support of her volunteer she has begun to learn English and is now attending a mother and toddler group which has enabled her to feel less isolated.

Home Start Deveron

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