Karen* and Scott* moved to a new house with their three children, Karen has children from a previous relationship and has mild learning difficulties. The family were defying some expectations by managing to cope with a new baby and the complex family make up. They received weekly support from a Home-Start Deveron volunteer. Karen said she really liked her Home-Start Deveron volunteer as she felt able to talk to her about anything – things she couldn’t talk to anyone else about.

Karen had some very negative experiences with officialdom and her levels of trust in social workers and health visitors was low, but by contrast she listened to the Home-Start volunteer’s advice and trusted her. Karen struggled with documents and filling in forms, so appreciated practical help with these things.

Scott is very protective over Karen and worked hard to keep the household running smoothly, doing the cooking and having a very hands-on role with the children. They attended positive parenting classes and demonstrated the techniques at home. They appreciated the fact that their volunteer was supportive and gave practical advice without being patronising or condescending towards them. They are doing their best to care for their children but just need some support to do that.

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