Alison* has four children aged between two and sixteen years. Her two sons aged 2 and 6 both have learning difficulties due to an inherited genetic condition. Ten years ago Alison lost twins in late pregnancy and four years ago lost another child, these losses related to the genetic condition, of which she is a carrier. Alison was very low when she first got involved with Home-Start Deveron. She lacked confidence and felt a bit hopeless. She didn’t like going out because she felt very judged when her children started ‘acting up’ in public.

Alison’s Home-Start Deveron volunteer has been a huge support to her – pushing her to do things, to look after herself, not just the children. Alison has appreciated the help she has had from Home-Start Deveron, helping her manage the children’s needs better. She has appreciated the time and patience of staff and volunteers working with her and her son. She gave her the support and encouragement needed to take on new challenges and learn new things, including driving. As time has gone on, Alison has become more confident and able to cope.

Home Start Deveron

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