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Information for Referrers

Home-Start Deveron aims to give support to families who may be struggling to cope with a variety of challenges, which may include isolation, the demands of parenting young children, multiple births, coping with disability or illness.

Home-Start Deveron aims to help prevent these difficulties from escalating into crisis, and crisis’s from developing into family breakdown. As Home-Start is a voluntary organisation it can offer a flexible approach to individual families.

Home-Start Deveron may be one of several organisations working with a family and we value our relationships with other agencies.

Home-Start Deveron support is not a substitute for professional services but complimentary to them, and through partnership working, we aim to achieve the best results for the families. The main referrers to Home-Start Deveron are health visitors and professionals in the social care and child care sectors. Others include GP’s and those working in the fields of mental health, education, early years and probation. Families can also self refer.

How to refer a family to Home-Start Deveron:

  • firstly, establish that the family has at least one child under five years of age as this is key to Home-Start support
  • discuss the services available from Home-Start Deveron with the family – they
  • MUST agree to receive our support
  • contact Home-Start Deveron and speak to the Coordinator who will set up an initial visit with the family to discuss their needs. If the family agrees to receive our support, the Coordinator will match a suitable volunteer with the family and support will begin

What referrers have said about Home-Start Deveron:

  • “(we) are very pleased with Home-Start Deveron, part of action planning with other agencies”
  • “(it is) a very pro-active, informative service”
  • “(the) scheme has a definite role in multi-agency approach to children, keeping children and families together”
  • “..willing to work in partnership, very positive”

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